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Letter to the Brethren from Manuel Torres


Letter to the Brothers of Manuel Torres



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Dear Brother,

First of all, I am grateful to you for the follow-up that you have done to this electoral process and that, for your active interest, you have compensated the constant difficulties that I have had during the whole campaign to transmit to all the Brethren and especially to those who have right to vote the project with which I am committed.

Freedom, one of the pillars of our wonderful institution must always preside over our actions. That is why I am convinced that, by overcoming all obstacles, your decision on the 10th of March will be taken freely and in conscience.

The projects presented with respect to which we must choose are very different, so that, depending on the majority support received by one of them, the future foundations of the Regular Spanish Freemasonry will be one or the other.

We are part of the fraternal chain that began our ancestors and we must be proud of what they have contributed to all humanity. At present, our responsibility, being worthy of what they did, is to continue building the solid institution that the current society needs to transmit also our values and immutable principles to those who collect our legacy.

The G.L.E. belongs to all and for all. That is why it can only be consolidated among all. If the project that I honored to lead receives the necessary support, my commitment is to make it a reality as a service to our noble institution and to all the Brethren.

To that end, I will propose that irrespective of the degree and office they currently have, as well as the option they have supported in these forthcoming elections, are involved in that common project and, if they so wish, continue in the responsibility that at present have until they have the opportunity to contrast their availability as well as pursue the wishes of the Brethren in the different areas of our organization, because the Masonic Lodges and provinces must simultaneously be strengthened.

Ethics, aesthetics, humanism in solidarity with a sense of equality and open and non-competitive spirituality are unequivocal phases always positive of our initiation path. Its interiorization through the Masonic rite that is more suitable, according to your own perception, for the constant search that motivates and promotes will allow us to advance and progress.

Only if we cultivate our Art in a noble and exemplary way we can be the reference that is so needed in our society into which we are incardinated, we will advance into the happiness and fulfillment desired.

We can, after 35 years of Regular Freemasonry in Spain, decide with stability, free participation and harmonious fraternity, our uniqueness in the context of our universal conviction.

You decide and whatever your choice, or your hierarchy of values, the G.L.E. must be of all, irrespective of the sensitivity of each one because the tolerance, typical of the regularity, should always govern our actions.

Thank you for your attention, I remain, as always at your disposal. Receive my fraternal and affectionate greetings,

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  1. Gustavo    

    M.R.H. Torres I am grateful for the humility and sense of the Masonic ideal and the awakened understanding of the responsibility that the initiatory institution represents.

    The important thing if you are the winner of these elections, do not forget (Diligete diligentiam in munere vestro). «Love the diligence in your Office».

    The failure to perpetuate legislatures to avoid the passions that generate attachments that disturb who represents the GLE and intoxicates the essence of what one represents.

    In these 8 years, 4 have been perfect and noble praise to what is represented, but the last 4 years have been snatched by passion to the attachment to the image and subjectivity, this has led to intoxication and created in the HH a distortion of reality that happens separating them as HH and creating a fraternal illusion.

    The incoherence is the one that «prevails» and the dissociation of the Masonic ideal and the fraternity have been covered and hidden by the veil of the slogan (Go out of the closet) damaging the sense of the initiatory institution that is represented !, the wound and breach is already It has produced and an important separation of what the fraternity represents.

    M.R.H Torres M.R.H Óscar has left a legacy of very difficult to recompose the legacy is chaotic, division between HH, the no control over overexposure, the customize and lose the objectivity of what I represent !! the example of the distorted and dissociating H, is the legacy that M.R.H Óscar is leaving a «virus in the spinal cord» of what is the Masonic initiatory institution with the initials of the GLE.

    MRH Torres the vast majority of HH seems to ignore this situation, so I ask that if you are chosen GM des traspararencia so that this does not happen again, the HH that make up the GLE must know the (consequence) of the acts that the MRH Oscar is still maintaining.

    Being worthy of representing the GLE is required to be aligned with what I think I say and ago.

    When you have a commitment to what you represent !! … Whether it is the truth that sustains it, it must maintain coherence, between thought (essence of truth), word (what is said) and action (what it does).

    Therefore you have to observe yourself and be able to see where you are really located, for that you have to learn to detach from the Ego and vanity.
    And that is the basis of what happened during the last 4 years, a virus that separated H from its essence and from the fraternal sense of the principles of the initiatory order.

    M.R.H Torres luck and my support.

    On the 10th when exercising my right to vote !! I will do it coherently with thought, word and action.

    A TAF

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