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Open letter to M.W.B. Óscar de Alfonso O.M.F.R





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Most Worshipful Master,

Much to my regret, I feel compelled to write this letter, being extremely concerned about the risk of losing our status of Regular Masonic Grand Lodge, that was so hard to attain for some of us.

The basic motive for my letter is the accumulation of deeds that you have committed of provoked to commit that could well be referred as «Acts of Lesa Masonry” in Spain, which would, for start, forbid you to present yourself as a candidate for the third time.

Une of the most despicable and embarrassing situations was caused by the Political meeting organized by yourself as Grand Master of the G.L.E. with the assistance of B. Ramon Viñals prominent activist of the Separatist action Group that promotes separation of Masons within our Country.

At the Celebrations of the Grand Assembly of the of the G.L.E, on the 11th of March 2018, you have broken all basic principles of non-political or religious intervention in Masonic affairs.

You have had full knowledge of the Political purpose of the Separatist programme led by the Carles Puigdemont (continuously in the media since last year) and, yet invited him, the most controversial politician in the Country as the Guest of Honour of our Grand Lodge at the most prominent day, the Grand Assembly.

You knew, like all Spaniards and Foreigners living here that his actions against the State were illegal, that soon he would be detained and imprisoned as his fellow conspirators were to be (he is today a Fugitive of Justice)

You have given a great deal of respect to an, archenemy and declared conspirator against our Constitutional Monarchy breaking, yet again, the principle of “Respect and obedience for the legal Government of your Country of residence“

Furthermore, you have invited such an important Masonic Occasion such as the Annual Grand Lodge Assembly an assortment of irregular bodies and politicians followers of your conspirator friends …

«The Masons in Spain support our Movement» was the headline … Being cornered by all Regular Masons, you decided to be published that manifesto the following day declaring your good intentions, your innocence, etc., etc. …, Leaving the image of our Grand Lodge even in a worse predicament.

Another clear and open condemnation.

You have also failed to produce a simple, logical explanation for the numerous revolting photographs and even worse comments published all over the world, by yourself.

The image and the good name of our Grand Lodge and its Grand Master are now reaching underground level. The uncouth language used, the images, the coarse expressions against your rivals are placing yourself in an unsustainable position ,even after the partial excuses you have presented.

I was initiated some fifty years ago at Barton-Court Lodge 5468 New Milton. After a number of Countries and Lodges both in the U.K. and English District I had the Honor and Privilege of serving The Grand Lodge of Spain, my Country of Birth as Grand Master 1996- 2002

Even with the most extreme imagination, I could never imagine, for instance, The Pro Grandmaster promoting a Political Party at the Grand Lodge celebrations?? (neither in any other venue)

Could a British Mason accept a discourse of any political party at a Masonic Meeting? And very specially one against the status of the Constitution of the Nation?

There are quite number of reasons for rejecting the later behavior of our Grand Master which I would criticise from the constant harassment to our elected Grand Treasurer, to the invented Office given to Ramon Viñals, etc., etc.,

Although I expect some retaliation any moment from now I would like to leave to our dear brethren very clear statement

I will not accept any position whatsoever in any future Grand Lodge team as my only motivation is to see a growing regular Grand Lodge.

Fraternally Yours

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