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Bonisteel Masonic Library


Bonisteel Masonic Library




Aus Freimaurer-Wiki

Bonisteel Masonic Library

This online source offers information aozt Freemasonry in the following chapters:

  • About (Roscoe Osmond Boniesteel)
  • Architecture (Ann Arbor Masonic Temple)
  • Art (pictures of temples and stained glass windows with masonic motifs)
  • Artifacts (pictures of masonic regalia)
  • Authors (Christopher L. Hodapp, Tim Bryce, Arturo de Hoyos, Michael R. Poll, among others)
  • Books (Book recommendations)
  • Directors (Karl Grube, Mitchell Ozog, Richard Sands)
  • Intender (the term comes from the old Operative Lodges of Scotland. In the first Grand Lodge the Intender was an important official, entrusted with the instruction of new candidates)
  • Links (to the GRand Lodges of Ireland and Scotland and also the Lodge of Research Quatuor Coronati among others)
  • News (Masonic news)
  • Papers (Masonic papers)
  • Poetry (Masonic poems)


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