Ladies freemasonry celebrates 10 years on the Costa Blanca




THE Costa Blanca Ladies Masonic Lodge is a group of vibrant, life affirming and passionate women and if you would like to be a freemason, the ladies of the Costa Blanca Lodge of Tranquillity No 52 would like to hear from you.

Whilst new members are welcomed, not just anyone can join and you have to be nominated and it may not be for everyone.

Whilst there are fun and friendly social gatherings it is not just a social club, there is a lot of learning involved and as a mason you have principles and are meant to share brotherly love and friendship, something that is particularly important here in Spain as it allows you to develop extended friendships and gain a support network.

The Lodge are also passionate about fundraising and their recent Masquerade Ball, held to mark and celebrate their 10th anniversary, raised over 900 for the chosen charity Teenage Cancer Trust.

The event had good food and entertainment and prizes were given for the best ladies and gentlemans mask. For more information on becoming a member, call the secretary on 966 791 731.

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