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Invisible College of Covadonga

Recent events related to Peru once again highlight the discomfort of the British masonic bodies, either the United Grand Lodge of England, or the Supreme Chapter of the Royal Arch of Scotland, with the of the Grand Lodge of Spain. These bodies again mentioned performances attributable to the Grand Master of the Grand Lodge of Spain as being contrary to regularity.

The separation that has taken place in the two worlds of the Grand Lodge of Spain, the British world and the non-British world, notably the Spanish world, is unquestionable, as well as the consequences of division and tension that it is generating in the Grand Lodge of Spain, putting the Spanish brothers in a situation of evident frustration towards the British brothers, and in fact there is an internal lobby that we could call «a Grand British Lodge» within the Grand Lodge of Spain. The English lobby has achieved that the orders that depend on England such as is the case of Mark, Secret Monitor, RAM, Athlestan etc., have been established and grown as a consequence of giving almost unconditional support to the present GM of the Grand Lodge of Spain.

Now the GM, due to his actions and mismanagement, is endangering the work done by the English lobby and its regularity. We firmly believe that it is time for the English lobby to abandon their support of the GM of the Grand Lodge of Spain and to stop supporting the actions and administration of the Grand Lodge of Spain carried out by the GM.

The lack of personal and institutional self-control of the current GM, who has international and internal projection, is to the detriment of the image of Freemasonry in Spain and all the Freemasons of the GLE, whatever their nationality. These un masonic behaviours have become the “norm” for the present GM.

Also evident is the malaise in the way the petition for constitutional reform is handled, which is generating a movement of rebellion which believes that the Grand Master lacks authority and is not behaving like a Mason recognized as such by his brothers.

It appears certain that the Grand Master of the Grand Lodge of Spain, far from seeking peace and harmony, has settled into offensive and defensive conflict, destructive and unconstructive.

The abandonment of many brothers from the GLE with many years of experience in Freemasonry, the tensions within entire lodges that are considering leaving the Grand Lodge of Spain, the internal divisions, are also evident, numerous and increasing.

The discrepancies of the brothers and the weariness with the numerous trips that are carried out by the GM without being clear that they are made for the corporate benefit of the Grand Lodge of Spain or for the use and benefit of image or international influence of the Grand Lodge of Spain. This personal promotion and profile of the GM is strikingly at odds with the real situation of the Grand Lodge of Spain. The difficulties of control of the expenses of the GM are also public when appearing in the reports of the Grand Treasurer of the GLE.

The Grand Master of the Grand Lodge of Spain, by his own acts and not by the acts of others, has lost the confidence within the Grand Lodge of Spain concerning his management and his conduct or personal behavior. It does not correspond to what is to be expected of a brother and more so a brother with the responsibilities of GM.

For the GM to remain in power as head of the Order is not a solution and on the contrary it produces a prejudice for regular Freemasonry in Spain for which the current Grand Master of the GLE is solely responsible.

For all of the above, the «Invisible College» demands the GRAND MASTER OF THE GRAND LODGE OF SPAIN submits his immediate resignation and calls the convocation of elections for Grand Master as an act of service to regular Freemasonry and the institution.

June 14th 2019

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