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Most stories contain hidden messages, some of them even know not yet fully complete all the implications that lie behind, but his teachings are directed to a moral or just a fun, also involves psychological and esoteric teachings very powerful.

The story of Pinocchio is no exception to the rule, in this release will try to decode many of the features of the story secret.This story is now known by millions, and has adapted easily to almost all cultures.And today is printed on the psychological training of millions of human beings who know that Pinocchio was a creation Masonic ritual in its version forest.

To understand the Masonic story of Pinocchio, immortalized in film by Disney, we go back to 19 century Italy and dedicate some lines to its author, Collodi.

Carlo Collodi, Carlo Lorenzini or born in Florence in 1826.Influenced by the political ideals of Giuseppe Mazzini, Collodi reflected in his works the liberal doctrine of this great leader of the Italian Masonic Unified.Mazzini’s influence was evident in the letters, and insisted that this should influence their readers philosophically, create awareness and educate the people.

Like many writers, Collodi joined Freemasonry in the mid 19.This organization was another important influence on the work of this author and his most notable Pinocchio initiatory symbolism that we find interesting are the object of study in this article.

The new unified Italy as the rest of Europe had a strong Masonic influence, as their great leaders Garibaldi and Mazzini belonged to Freemasonry.The Pope had finally been cornered in a corner of Italy, the Vatican that was what remained of the massive Papal States.However, although the Catholic religion was under attack, the spirit of Christ wasforce and as well said that a Freemason Italian revival time felt the need to reconcile Christ and Freemasonry, the church and the powerful Masonic secret society.

In this troubled context italic, Collodi wrote «Le aventure di Pinochillo» published in 1882.A cursory examination of the work reveals an apology for the education of the people and a denunciation of vice and idleness.

Giepetto had spent his whole life wanting a child, which is a real desire, and that is why seeing the sky shine in the Blue Star was actually Sirius asked most earnestly desire that she be allowed contact with something higher.That night, while sleeping Giepetto, appeared the Blue Fairy and gave life to the puppet warned to behave well in order to become a real boy.For advice about their behavior named Jiminy Cricket Pinocchio’s conscience.

The wooden puppet come to life was amoral, stupid, stupid, devoid of objective consciousness, and a secondary character Jiminy Cricket advise and try to become the voice of conscience while external.In the original, Pinocchio gets annoyed with his partner and crushes and kills with his hand.

Behind the story of Pinocchio is another story, with a deep spiritual content Collodi initiation and like other writers of classic stories-knew how to handle with great skill.


We know that Pinocchio was the creation of Giepetto Master carpenter, who made from wood, symbolizing the raw material of a work of art.The work was done with a love so deep and it was channeled, succeeding in giving life to the wooden doll, a man of good wood.The basic idea is independent of whether stone or wood.In the allegorical meaning the wood belongs to a realm above the mineral.

Pinocchio was alive but, however, had no free will because he was asleep.Know the path of virtue and liberation, it was a living dead.Unfortunately, most humans are like Pinocchio.Follow the seemingly easier path and do not know that something exists at this moment we are all like Pinocchio.

The truth is there are only two kinds of men around the world: those few who have already realized the powerful divine scheme, and the vast mass that have not known.The last living for themselves and are very enslaved by their passions, the first live for God and evolution, which is His will, whether they call themselves Buddhists or Hindus, Muslims or Christians, freethinkers and Jews.Pinocchio is a slave of your self is psychological aggregates and their lies cause you to grow your nose and ears of an ass later.That is, the wayward life and lie is a throwback to the involution, and animalizes, where the nose is growing earthly ties, materiality, an aggregate face.Again and again reap what you sow Pinocchio.Their bad actions lead him to a miserable life, where the doll is charged with suffering the karma generated.When the life of Pinocchio could not be more unbearable, is swallowed by a whale.This episode reminds us of Jonah who was swallowed by a giant fish, dwelling inside three days and three nights.

The interior of the whale represents the Masonic reflections chamber, lower the center of the Earth.TRI VI OL.It is important to remember the words of Matthew chapter 12 verse 40: «For as Jonah was in the belly of the fish three days and three nights, so shall the Son of Man in the heart of the earth three days and three nights.The Son of Man also like Pinocchio – the son of a master carpenter.

MYSTICAL DEATH.– In light of the candle, Pinocchio ponders his fate and decides to change, leaving behind his past unconscious.Finally the doll is expelled by the whale and out to sea, working the water acts as a purifier, cleansing internally and externally to Pinocchio.We know that when someone is immersed in a stream, reborn to new life.This custom is common to many religious cults and survives in our Latin countries in the Catholic sacrament of baptism.The Masonic bronze sea.Pinocchio does not survive the fury of the ocean and eventually drowns.This death of the doll is the mystical death of the profane to be initiated.
This death is seen in other fairytale Snow White, Sleeping Beauty, etc., and is the prologue of a renaissance: the second birth of which Christ speaks in John chapter 3 verses 3 through 10: «Truly I tell you thatis born again he can not see the kingdom of God unless he is born of water and the Spirit, he can not enter the kingdom of God.Upon returning to life, Pinocchio goes to a higher state, the same as we see in the tale of ugly duckling.As we noted in the story of Pinocchio doll narrates the misadventures of the Profane you can not control their destiny because it is a slave to his passions and his rebirth as human begins, after the death mystique.The work of adaptation of Carlo Collodi story of the film was made brilliantly by another Mason: Walt Disney.He respected the essence of the story, but transformed into a puppet Pinocchio more lovable than that described by the author in 1882.

Worth to see or read Pinocchio and discover the wonderful spiritual content of his crazy adventures Masonic.Undead – sleeping man is the word used by some esoteric as Blavatsky, Gurdjieff, Ouspensky, to denote those outsiders who seem to live but in reality, they are asleep.In the bible Jonah chapter one verse 17.Jonah means Messenger of God.On the symbolism of the whale of Jonah, says Blavatsky in Isis Unveiled: Animals that naturalists call today watching the old designated by the generic name of Cetus, Keto Latinized form of Greek equivalent to Dragon or Poseidon, whose elementfemale was the Assyrian Atargatis, also known as Astarte ascalonita Venus, whose image had ships in the figurehead.The Kabbalists say that Jonah was a priest escaped from the temple where the dove was revered for trying to abolish idolatry and establish monotheistic worship.The pursuers took him near Jaffa and locked him in a prison cell of the temple of Dagon, whose figure of a man-fish gave rise to the legend.See the apocryphal gospel Arabic History of Joseph the carpenter.Those three days and three nights are the Christ remained in the tomb and then resurrected.Rise from the dead means, therefore, sometimes simply reincarnate or resort, other take the first great initiation, according to the rite.

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