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By: Garibaldi

According to official sources, the membership of the GLE has decreased by 139 net resignations. This figure has not transpired until now being this an election year.

It means that the balance between admissions and resignations at December 31st last year was that 139 Dear Brethren left the Grand Lodge in Spain. The figure is a setback for Óscar de Alfonso’s candidature as he has made the continuous growth of the membership a cross-pillar in his campaign.

All above would deny the sustained growth of the membership in the G.L.E. defended by de Alfonso in his own campaign. He will be the Grand Master until next March 10 in which the elections and the Grand Assembly will take place.

Losses of € 20,000

In this regard, some of the members at the Grand Conclave last January 13 claimed that these resignations could be an economic loss of about € 20.000 for the Grand Lodge.

It is striking that the increase in membership was announced with fanfare in 2016 referring to the same report that highlighted the increase by 11% as reported by this same newspaper (note of November 28, 2016). However, this time it has been slightly different. It seems that Óscar de Alfonso decided not to publish this data in this important electoral year so as not to damage the image of his management at the head of the G.L.E.

Very angry about the report’s publicity!

According to several HH. ·. that attended the aforementioned Grand Conclave, the Grand Master felt very upset when these figures were made public to the rest of the audience since they directly affect one of his major plot lines in which he boasts about the membership growth by 24% since the beginning of his term (2010) omitting the unfavourable data of this last year though.

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