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Center of the lodge


Center of the lodge




Source: Masonic Vibes

The East, the West, the South, the North

In our Temple’s oblong square

Are ofttimes mentioned for their worth,

In their symbolism rare.

Not so the center. When ‘tis passed

By the initiate on his way

It seems so soon to be outclassed

In the grand old mystic play.

As I recall impressions rare

While I saw not the light,

While sweet surprises met me where

I least surmised they might,

While mental thrills came thick and fast

As my conductor led,

The sweetest things of all the past

Seemed in the center said.

And O the prayer that there was given,

In pleadings all for me!

Was this appeal to highest heaven

The prayer of Masonry?

And the meaning of that soulful plea

Is all the mind can span;

For it contained all that can be

For the best there is in man.

And I was asked in whom I placed

My soul’s eternal trust.

My answer any doubt effaced

That I’d be true and just.

And friendship’s token to me there

Was given, and words of cheer;

For I knew not the way, nor where

New dangers might appear.

And so, as I recall the past –

The place, the prayer, the cheer –

There will remain while life shall last

The memories so dear,

Of that sweet center which I know

Makes all that comes more bright,

As ever on and on I go

To realms of further light.

– L. B. Mitchell, Michigan.

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