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Freemasons at the Joseph Warren-Soley Lodge to host opened house Oct. 17


Freemasons at the Joseph Warren-Soley Lodge to host opened house Oct. 17





LINCOLN Freemasons at the Joseph Warren-Soley Lodge, 181 Lincoln Road, Lincoln, will opened their doors to the public from 10 a.m. to 3 p.m. Oct. 17.

The event will take place as part of the Square and Compasses Day, a statewide celebration of Freemasonry. Lodge members, hailing from Wayland, Sudbury, Lincoln and surrounding towns, provided tours of their stately circa 1890 Lodge Hall, and discussed the Freemasonrys history, its rituals, signs and symbols.

For over 282 years, Massachusetts Freemasons have been part of an unbroken tradition. Being part of Freemasonry is one of the most fulfilling parts of my life, said Wayland resident John Toto, Senior Warden of Joseph Warren-Soley Lodge. As a member of the Masonic fraternity you are exposed to a wide range of opportunities, education, comradeship and the opportunity to assist your fellow man.

Presidents George Washington, Franklin Roosevelt, Harry Truman, Gerald Ford as well as Thurgood Marshall, Gen. Douglas MacArthur and John Glenn, all joined the Masons prior to achieving their greatness. Many of the leaders of the American Revolution were Freemasons and much of Americas ideals are actually Masonic ideals.

Freemasonry was formally organized in London in 1717. In 1733, it was organized in Massachusetts and 32,000 Masons reside in Massachusetts and are members of 230 lodges statewide.

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