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Lodge Broughty Castle 486 S.C. Murals


Lodge Broughty Castle 486 S.C. Murals




Source: Irish Freemasonry

On the North Eastern outskirts of Dundee is the village of Broughty Ferry, home to Broughty Castle Lodge No 486 S.C.

This Lodge is of great interest to Freemasons, as it is home to a very interesting set of wall murals painted by Wor Bro David Paris Craig, a well known Scottish artist. We are very grateful to Bros Ron Thompson and Doug Forbes, for arranging a visit to the Lodge-rooms to view the murals, and meet up with the artist.

So one night, in the lead-up to New Year 2012, we drove across to Broughty Ferry and spend an interesting time visiting the Lodge. The murals are magnificent, but there are other items of interest in the Lodge. For example the three chairs on the Dias were presented to the Lodge on the 18th September 1924 by Sir Archibald S. Campbell of Breadalbane Castle on the occasion of his Masonic Jubilee. The chairs have been modified with the addition of mahogany panels on top of each chair with carved representations of the castle carved in the mahogany.

At the rear of the Hall is a memorial plaque to the Brethren of the Broughty Castle Lodge who gave their lives in the service of the King in The Great War and in the Second World War. Also on the back wall are two illuminated panels with details of all the Lodge Masters since the consecration of the Lodge on the 2nd November 1868.

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