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Scotland withdraws its recognition of Spain making the Grand Masters position masonically dead


It was an open secret, the irresponsible actions of Oscar de Alfonso has born its first consequences outside of Spain.  This is the proof that the Grand Lodge of Spain will lose general recognition if it follows its present course of management.

This was pronounced live last Saturday by Diario Masonico, we were only waiting for the official letter to be sent from Scotland that ratified the decision of the Supreme Grand Royal Arch Chapter of Scotland to suspend relations between them and Spain.  The reasons for this historic action are to be found in the articles published by Diario Masonico during 2019.

  • Scotland may remove the recognition of the Grand Chapter of Spain.
  • EXCLUSIVE: The Grand Chapter of Royal Arch of Peru lashes out at Oscar de Alfonso for his “irresponsible actions”.
  • Scotland removes the recognition of the Royal Arch consecrated by the GM of the GLE in Peru.

Communication of the Supreme Grand Royal Arch Chapter of Scotland.

The worst Winter Solstice that Oscar de Alfonso could have imagined!

It is obvious that the problems are mounting up massively for the Grand Master.  After a disastrous year in which:

  • He has governed the GLE with a fist of iron and ludicrous whims; 
  • An Extraordinary Grand assembly has been requested by Past Masters; 
  • Just three days ago he sacked half of his Provincial Grand Masters; 
  • and now, at the time of the Winter Solstice, he receives this slap in the face, this time coming with such vociferous regularity.

There is no surprise then that this has happened.  The GLE is broken, not just from within but also from without.  The GM’s tarnished image has been deteriorating since his famous “pictures with coconuts” in Brazil.  It is now at rock bottom!

Oscar de Alfonso must resign and call an election immediately; his position is untenable.

As of today, even his most determined supporters have had no other choice but to abandon him.  

After Scotland, even the few that were still taking his side are contemplating presenting their resignations from office en masse to abandon him to his loneliness.

Those that still support him are the architects of the disgraceful fall from Grace that the GLE has suffered in losing the Regularity of a Grand Lodge. The GLE is a Masonic Brotherhood that has been created by the sacrifice, dedication and finance of dedicated brethren.  This is being destroyed by the actions of a so called “Mason” called Oscar de Alfonso.

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