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An external audit reveals that Óscar de Alfonso would not have justified € 23,000 of his expenses


An external audit reveals that Óscar de Alfonso would not have justified € 23,000 of his expenses




An english Brother sent us the following:

Having read the Grand Treasurers report and Oscars plan for next year, I feel that I must bring this to your attention.

The GT reports that the GM only presents his visa bill to be paid without proper detailed invoices.The GT reports that he has repeatedly asked the GM for detailed invoices and asked for a monthly meeting to keep the finances straight – the GM has repeatedly refused.

36,000 euros spent by the GM on unapproved travel expenses and a refusal to show receipts for same.

He says that Oscar’s many trips to South America are NOT approved by the GLE and the GT can’t pay for them, but Oscar just keeps sending in his Visa bill to be paid without any justification or invoices.  It is patently obvious to all that his trips to South America have been claimed against the GLE through incorrect channels.

The GT was forced to bring this up at the last Assembly and treated in an extremely rude and threatening manner by Oscar in front of the whole Assembly.  Read the Grand Secretary’s report, it’s all there.

In Oscars manifesto and plan for next year he says he will reduce the powers of the Grand Treasurer and the Grand Orador, I wonder why?

He also states that Installed Masters who haven’t held the chair of a Spanish lodge “for at LEAST one year” will have no vote.  So that’s the end of voting for a load of British and foreign Installed Masters!

Apparently the GLE is under intense scrutiny by other Grand Lodges, unsurprisingly.

See this attached report by the Grand Chancellor of the UGLE that I found at in FREEMASONRY TODAY magazine (click here to view), pay particular attention to his paragraph for the reasons in making Irregular the GNLF.

No UGLE representative has been present at a Grand Assembly of the GLE for many years, for logical reasons.  Guess “Who’s coming to Dinner?” this time?

Talk about turkeys voting for Christmas.


The report of the GT




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