Freemasons looking for new members


Freemasons looking for new members




Mosgiel Freemasons are keen to attract new members from the Taieri to an organisation they say makes the community a better place.Lodge St John No.84 secretary and development advocate

Alistair Church said the organisation had been running for 130 years in Mosgiel, and its Gordon Rd building had been in place for 90 years.

But membership had dropped off in recent years, ”not unlike Lions and Rotary and some of those other organisations, like rugby clubs”.

”We’ve probably gone back at the same pace.”

Lodge St John No.84’s membership was 36, which was sustainable ”in the meantime”, but at its height in the 1960s it had been about 150.

The organisation had an open day recently. It ran them regularly to ”help people understand who we are and what we do”, and the ethics and morals the organisation espoused.

Mr Church said Freemasonry was an organisation based on camaraderie, and ”once you’re in there you pick up on the values – family values and working in the community – we do a lot of community work.”

Freemasonry was also the biggest sponsor of university scholarships in New Zealand outside the Government.

The organisation did charity work ”making the community a better place to live in”, and its philosophy included ”good living, family, and supporting communities”.

Mr Church said Freemasonrystill had the secret rituals it was known for.

”It’s based around ceremonial events, which convey the teachings of the old stone masons and early cathedral builders, but changing what they had in their practices on the job to bring symbolic meanings and symbolism.

”We use symbolism to bring out the best in what was happening back in the days of the building of the cathedrals and the castles.”

Mr Church said those keen to join could come to open days, talk to a freemason they knew or visit their Facebook page

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