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Óscar de Alfonso loses his self-control against Diario Masónico


Óscar de Alfonso loses his self-control against Diario Masónico




By: Garibaldi

We recommend that you read the letter of Oscar De AlfonsoLETTER OSCAR DE ALFONSO CANDIDATE FOR GRAND MASTER OF THE GLE

The candidate Óscar de Alfonso reacts to the publication of the open letter of W.B. Tom Sarobe yesterday blaming Diario Masónico for being «the great speaker of that organ of that discredited campaign which promotes»

Kill the messenger

It is a habit, among the few Freemasons who put their interests before those of the Order, to kill the messenger. The candidate in question affirms that Diario Masónico promotes Manuel Torres. Like all those who are following the news of the elections to Grand Master of the GLE, this newspaper has offered a space in an honest and free, to all candidates who aspire to the office Grand Master of the GLE

Alfonso, as is his right, declined this invitation. This newspaper has therefore published the masonic profiles sent to us by of two of the three candidates and these have been published without censorship or veto, in an uncritical way and without any bias. The fact that the candidate Manuel Torres has sent more publishable material is his choice, and thus has been published in a completely sterile way. Needless to say, if a contributor publishes an opinionated article, it is the sole and exclusive responsibility of the author which does not mean that the Diario Masonico (Masonic Journal) shares that opinion in any way. It’s called freedom of press freedom, for your information.

Diario Masónico causes controversy because it tells the truth

A sensative man cannot say that his opponent is cheating in a game in which he has decided not to participate. Our invitation to the candidate Óscar de Alfonso is still valid as the first day. Good proof of this is that we publish his letter today, despite the fact that it is very critical of us. Read and judge for yourself.

We owe the GLE nothing, nor any other obedience. OUR MISSION IS TO INFORM. Outside this strictly informative framework, Diario Masónico does not correspond to any national or foreign Masonic entity, much less to the Grand Orient of France. NO ONE tells us what we have to publish and what we cannot.

In this letter addressed to the Brethren, two things are confused: The Diario Masónico with the Grand Orient of France and the candidate Óscar de Alfonso with the GLE:

This publication admits letters, articles and news of all masonic entities, without distinction of rite. For more information, it should be noted that DM has published more than 530 entries about GLE, about 40 entries about the Grand Orient of France and as many references to the GLSE. As you can see, if there were any discrimination it would be against the last two Obediences, with the GLE having a leading role in our publications on a practically daily basis.

To date, there has only been one candidate who has disqualified another, and it is Alfonso himself who in his letter states that “when a candidate, blinded by his own ambition, has decided to use a media which clearly represents the interests of the world’s main irregular obedience” and he continues:Our Worshipful Brother Manuel Torres has sealed an PERVERSE AND UNNATURAL alliance, causing the most serious interference in our elections by the irregulars.”  Very Masonic and fraternal indeed!

We urge Alfonso to retract his comments, within a reasonable time before the election, via the same means that he published his letter,  or you must demonstrate the authority or the contractual relationship between the Grand Orient of France with our Journal that you affirm, as well as to any interference coming from the authorities of the Grand Orient of France in the editorial decisions of the Diaro Masonico (Masonic Journal).

The second confusion comes when candidate Alfonso himself sees no boundaries between his persona and his position. Neither Óscar de Alfonso is the GLE, nor the GLE is Óscar de Alfonso.

The GLE is all its members which seems to be a point that confuses him greatly.

The problem is precisely our informative independence. What bothers this candidate is that he does not dominate us, NEITHER HIM OR ANYONE.

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