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Invisible College of Covadonga: We recognize a Brother


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The Grand Treasurer of the Grand Lodge of Spain has been suspended from his Masonic rights.

His prudence in his relationship with the GM and in the formal expressions of his treasury reports has not served him well. Perhaps he could have been more explicit instead of trying to let the Brethren read between the lines.

Neither the Grand Treasurer, nor the Past Grand Orador of the GLE, R:.W:.Manuel Torres are members of the Invisible College. They have not been either directly or indirectly involved in its creation or participate in any of its activities, however we recognize them as Masons and as our Brothers.

Today the first of the two, the Grand Treasurer, is suspended without having been informed of the charges against him. He has been suspended by the same person who denounced him, the Grand Master of the Grand Lodge of Spain. It should be a joke to any court that receives this judicial procedure because it is the person who denounces the Grand Treasurer who is the one who also suspends his masonic rights! The Grand Treasurer is accused, and his rights suspended but not the payment of his dues to the GLE. It is even more ironic to suspend someone without having notified them of the charges so that they can defend themselves. It also laughable if it were not so serious that is not indicated in the so-called “Decree of Suspension” the appeal system that is available to the Grand Treasurer against this “dictatorial decree». It makes us question where and who we are as Spanish Freemasons?

The second, the Past Grand Orador of the GLE, R:.W:.Manuel Torres, has left the Grand Lodge of Spain and Freemasonry in general.

In the case of the Grand Treasurer, we expressly declare that suspended or not, we recognize him as a Brother and as a Mason. We cannot say that we recognize the Grand Master Oscar de Alfonso as a Brother.

This generates a crisis as perhaps has never occurred before. It seems that the Grand Lodge of Spain now has evidence of all its shortcomings and inconsistencies we have as an institutional organization. These shortcomings and inconsistencies have been brought to light by the action of one person, the Grand Master Oscar de Alfonso. 

The members of the Invisible College are not newcomers to regular Freemasonry; we all have over 20 years of membership and we have served the Order and the GLE with responsibility. All of us have followed our personal evolution up to the high degrees of Freemasonry, in the AASR or in the collateral bodies such as Royal Arch, Mark RAM, KT. KTP, and others. We know what we are talking about and we are prepared for any contingency, whether elections are called now or in the future.

The Brothers must not loose hope. There are no shortcuts to end this situation but no one should leave Freemasonry and no lodge should leave the GLE. Instead Brother, you have to endure and perservere to create change. Sooner or later change will occur and then the work will begin.

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  1. MRT    

    My respects to the invisible College «Covadonga» from my point of view if we can take shortcuts.
    «A precautionary disqualification of GM OdA.
    While some Psychologists, proposed by the parties «Decree» an opinion of his mental health. »
    Why ? Obvious, it is managing the budgets and Visa and that is the power of all the members of the GLE and we believe that the GM OdA is not (CABAL) «we proceed to act with diligence.

    This definition of the personality disorder of GM ODA should make us reflect, and see how far we are all ignorant and even where we live a «Regular Freemasonry» charity and philanthropy, from where GM Oda’s dictatorship and its upheaval has led us to destruction and annul the social action of the example before humanity.

    To all the members of my esteemed GLE and to Freemasonry in general.
    To obviate the psychological personality disorders of M.R.G.M. OdA, is to be ignorant who pretends not to see them or to look the other way, the Maximum representative of the GLE is a generator of Hates, that encourage the «Ultras».
    Under the ignorance of some Englishmen.

    Antisocial personality disorder.

    Diagnostic characteristics The essential characteristic of antisocial personality disorder is a general pattern of contempt and violation of the rights of others, which begins in childhood or the beginning of adolescence and continues into adulthood.

    This pattern has also been called psychopathy, sociopathy or personality disorder. Since deception and manipulation are central features of the antisocial personality disorder, it can be especially useful to integrate the information obtained in the systematic clinical evaluation with the information collected from collateral sources.
    Individuals with antisocial personality disorder have few remorse for the consequences of their actions. They can be indifferent or give superficial justifications for having offended, mistreated or robbed someone (for example, «life is hard», «he who is a loser is because he deserves it» or «it would have happened anyway»). These people can blame the victims for being stupid, weak or for deserving their bad luck, they can minimize the unpleasant consequences of their actions or, simply, show a complete indifference. In general, they do not give any compensation or compensate anyone for their behavior. You may think that everyone strives to «serve the number one» and that you should stop at nothing to avoid being intimidated.

    T. · .A. · .F. ·

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