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Denied the request of Manuel Torres to expand the number of polling stations


Denied the request of Manuel Torres to expand the number of polling stations




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As reported in his Campaign Blog, the Great Electoral Commission, constituted to regulate the elections to the Grand Master in the G.L.E., has denied the request to extend tables for the next day 10.

(List of proposed tables at the end of the article *)

After the denial of the censuses, The Great Electoral Commission has also denied the extension of the 23 tables that will be made available to the BB. ·. to exercise their right to vote.

The position of candidate Torres has always been, and so he requested at the time, to expand in 10 more tables to facilitate the displacement of the BB.·. to them.

In addition to the existing ones, Manuel Torres asked for the creation of 10 more tables that are divided in this way:

3 more tables in Andalusia:

In areas as important at the population level as Jerez, Granada and Córdoba, in addition to changing the existing one in Mojácar through Almería.

2 more tables in the Balearic Islands:

Torres asked to add two more tables because of the difficulty that may arise from the transfer of the BB.·. between islands, since this would suppose a possible reduction of the participation. Therefore, only Palma de Mallorca will remain, even though they were also requested in Ibiza and Menorca.

One more in the Canary Islands:

In addition to the three existing, both in Tenerife/south, Lanzarote and Las Palmas, one more has been requested in Tenerife/north that has not been granted either.

In the Province of Castilla:

That according to the territorial division of the G.L.E. it covers many more provinces, including Euskadi, Galicia and the entire Cantabrian coast; In addition to the tables in A Coruña, Bilbao and Palencia, another table was requested in Toledo.

3 more Catalonia

In the Masonic Province of Catalonia, one of the most influential, there will be BB.·. that they have to move a few hundred kilometers to vote, since the electoral regulatory body has only admitted a table in Barcelona, ​​still requesting the W.B. Torres three more tables in Girona, Lleida and Reus.

1 more in the Region of Murcia

In Murcia there will also be only one electoral table of the two requested, and will be located in Cartagena, despite having requested the installation of another in the city of Murcia.


Structure of the distribution of tables proposed and approved in this link (English)



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  1. Gustavo    

    M.R.H. Oscar the question is:

    What is your fear that HH can vote and that your candidate opponents have the same conditions? When requesting the M.R.H. TORRES more electoral tables, it is for a greater fluidity of the vote and to facilitate to the H his right of a more practical form.
    Having said that, I continue:

    Are you really trained in this present moment to be reelected and represent the GLE?

    With the important dissociation «Of what you think, You say and do»? it really is (weighted with criteria to keep you as a candidate and assume the GLE the risk of what the Dissociation and incoherence really mean, of not having the base of the alignment of the three pillars that maintain the coherence of the Human Being, with the of GM) ??
    Assuming that the GLE is an initiatory order ?? Is it consistent with the bases, constitutions and principles of the order itself?

    The conversion of critical thinking into transformative action must be subject to the basis of coherence with oneself.

    when one has a commitment to what it represents !! … Whether it is the truth that sustains it, it must maintain coherence, between thought (essence of truth), word (what is said) and action (what is done ).

    The alignment of thought, word and action is what configures the credibility of the one who calls himself the representative of … maybe the credibility is questioned because there is a dissociation, between what you say and do not to mention the dissociation between the Masonic essence (thought what you represent) and what you say and do.

    The role that the Ego is playing in this whole situation is very timely.
    When someone situates himself from the ego, he is placed from a protectionist position of himself for his lack of personal basis due to ignorance and lack of awareness of who he is, looking for what is not found internally in the external.

    When one does not accept his «Shade» identifying and taking charge of it, he seeks the false light through the other and others, it causes the ego to flourish and become entrenched as a way of doing, and this leads to one distancing oneself from what represents and who represents by focusing on the search for its lack of clarity through the other.

    Being aware of the other instead of the potential, capacity and wisdom of oneself, means that there is more and more distance between the essence that holds what has to be represented and the representation itself.

    Really the HH that you have chosen to give the vote to M.R.H. Oscar, do you really know the consequences it can have for the GLE as an innate order?
    The vote asked by M.R.H Óscar with content «Kamikaze» really benefits the GLE and all the HH that represent it?
    The innumerable errors committed in this election campaign product of the attachment to the ego and the chair of King Solomon, a campaign based on the «On personal exposure» that has nothing to do with what is actually represented.
    The loss of objectivity is the loss of the (Compass) that indicates the North, for that reason HH that you are going to vote to M.R.H. Oscar you know all the REALITY of the consequences?

    Really HH you are going to exercise a vote (KAMIKAZE). ??

    On the 10th when exercising my right to vote !! I will do it coherently with thought, word and action.

    A TAF

  2. Wito Schouten    

    This election is becoming farce. I would expect antics like this in the profane world not in Masonry. Inviting politicians as guest of honour, cheap and inappropriate social media posts from our Grand Master. Now this. Unbelievable! When will this stop? We are Regular Freemasons – supposedly an organisation of honourable men. PLEASE!!!!!!!!!

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