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Manuel Torres proposes a kind of debate between candidates


Manuel Torres proposes a kind of debate between candidates





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The W.B. Manuel Torres proposes to the Great Electoral Comission, a debate of the three (now two for the withdrawal of Viñals) candidates to bring their program to all the BB.

In his release, available in the link at the end of this article, he argues that «in view of the difficulties for the BB., Especially the electors, could have contrasted the projects and programs of the three (now two) nominees, an end to that, in turn, they can decide and conscientiously the option that they consider most appropriate for the next four years in the GLE «.

For this reason, he proposes a debate between the contenders at the headquarters of the Provincial Grand Lodge of Madrid, provided that the availability of the same allows it, next March 8 at 8:00 p.m.

Then, in his proposal, he postulate that this «debate» can be recorded to be distributed among all BB. affilliated with the G.L.E., although leave another date open if this is not viable for any reason.

Finalize this message urging the Grand Electoral Commission to accept this innovative information system, «which favors the right to information and freedom to vote on equal opportunities».


Proposal of debate in the blog of Manuel Torres

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  1. Neil Leslie Rodgers    

    This is a good idea but the calling date is too near the day of voting.
    Brethren having heard each candidates view points at the various locations now require a period of calm wereby each Brother can reflect on each candidates manifesto and make a clear and decisive choice for the candidate they wish to lead the GLE

    1. Gustavo    

      QH There have been numerous irregularities in these chaotic elections, I recommend reading some post comments and you can be informed of the reason for this proposal at this time.
      And the indignation of the image that the GLE is giving at the national and international level the incoherence is the reigning one.

      A TAF

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