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Do what say not what I do (Invisible College)


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Monday 16th September, the «El Oriente» digital platform of the Grand Lodge of Spain published the usual list of articles highlighting the activities of the Grand Master of Spain so we can all be proud of being Spanish Freemasons.

This is the blog where our Grand Master declared himself the leader of world masonry. It is the blog he uses to tell us all how to be good masons and expounds the theory of brotherly love relief, truth and charity. However, the Grand Master and his propaganda machine are really telling us to «do what I say but not as I do!»

The proof of this is how, a week after some of the worst floods in the south of Spain, where many Brethren of the Grand Lodge of Spain live, there is NO reaction from the Grand Master to this disaster. No offer of help or donations from the Grand Lodge of Spain to the affected civilian population. 

Recently the Grand Master said we should live as masons within society. Where is the example of this by the Grand Master? Where is the positive and practical action by the Grand Lodge of Spain within the means of our limited powers and resources at this time when there is such a sad and devastating disaster in the south of Spain which cost 6 lives and millions of Euros in damages?

The answer is zero. 

Just more articles in the «El Oriente» about the Grand Master attending a lodge installation and notices about South America or Nazi Germany. Pathetic!

The title in the «El Oriente» this week should have been «Grand Lodge of Spain sends big donations and sets up a help fund for the victims of the floods in the south of Spain». 

This would have been received with gratitude by the Spanish society who is so often against masonry.

This is another missed opportunity to improve the reputation and image of Spanish Freemasonry.  

It’s another missed opportunity to apply our masonic philosophies to a real life situation. This is another example of our Grand Master’s appalling leadership qualities and his lack of basic masonic ethics.

Grand Master you must go!

Fraternal greetings, The Invisible College, «do what I say but not as I do!» 09/16/2019

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