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By José Carrasco y Ferrando

Past Grand Provincial Master of the masonic Grand Provincial Lodge of Andalucía 

C.V. as a Freemason

Professional C.V.

I was a membership, uninterruptedly, of the GLE since the time of his first Grand Master (PGO) until last July, when I presented my resignation, not without real sorrow, considering that the time had come to temporarily return on my own steps by not being able to continue sharing the same journey with those Bethren, with institutional responsibility that, in my opinion, repeatedly overlap the principles established in the Order.

So, being now in «dreams», I make a generalized reflection about the opinion of the other Bethren, although others do not share it.

The serious crisis of values that the world is going through is not alien to the initiatory and philosophical institutions, such as Freemasonry, without distinctions. And this can only be understood from within if we embody the message contained in its principles, traditions, in the symbolic, ritual and mystical code constituting its own most essential identity.

Masonic society, like other organizations, has its place within the space of the different levels of consciousness demanded by its postulates, within the «motivational pluralism»; and it is distinguished from the others by being essentially Initiatic, both spiritually and psychologically, moving away from all threats of rivalries, intrigues, arrogances, vanities and injustices, typical of purely profane associations. That is why, the system of its internal regime, as well as the behaviors of its members, should be consistent with the level of consciousness preached by its principles. Being currently undeniable, for what is happening, we are not operating as we should have ceased to be aware of what it means to belong and behave according to the demands of an institution like ours.

Freemasonry, without discrimination, is not a relic of the past that must be changed and given a cheesy makeup through social networks, as if it were to market a product, but we represent a lively and initiating tradition acting, opposite to all ridiculous exhibition. By this I do not mean that the Order, as an entity, should not be opened to society; but you have to do it with elegance, formality, prudence and wisdom.

In my opinion, the essential causes of any true conflict, always originate at the primary level of consciousness, in correspondence with the collective and individual behavior of the Brothers, and not in the accessory causes that are only the true reflection of those first reasons that produced them.

I refer, unfortunately, to all these repeated events through the traditional media as well as in social networks about nonsense, made by a maximum representative of a Grand Lodge, which is called “ regular»; and also in those lawlessness repeated in its bosom, whose results have produced real damage and disunity within it. Therefore, none of this would have happened if there had been a high awareness of the people who originated it. And that demonstrates, without a doubt, who are the true masters and who hold aprons, of any colour and foreign origin, of masters without being.

With this I do not intend to judge the path that others are traveling, but I make discernment about the situations that are happening, being obvious that we live in an enigmatic period. 

That is why the representatives of any Masonic Order should avoid, at all costs, fall into rough events, abuse and manipulation, because in that way they only tend to calcify the institution, because the relationship between the society open to the one that serves the Institution, and the image that is perceived from the outside, will depend on what this Order does, otherwise it will be reviled.

I published an article entitled: “All structures and charges are eventual”, through this means of communication, at the beginning of 2018, in which I spoke, among other things, about the pernicious thing that is when someone suffers from a pathological ego, for the blindness of the «Me», increased when you have a privileged position, that does not show the damage that inflicts itself as others; and also, entangles opinions with facts being unable to see the divergence between an event and the reaction that it entails.

It should be noted that one of the characteristics of this sickly disorder is its ability to seduce, deceive and manipulate others at will, believing itself superior to others.

We have a Masonic code of ethics that gives us the opportunity to commit ourselves to respect certain principles and convictions to make ourselves better and thus be able to be useful to society, for the sake of progress. However, the person who suffers from this type of disturbance, as in its more acute variants, knowing very well to distinguish between what is right and what is wrong, prefers not to arrogate any ethics, since he does not feel bound by more moral than the one it imposes.

As we know, both in the political sphere, within some religions, fundamentalist ideologies, spiritual entities, as well as in certain Masonic and collateral institutions, there are characters who use a different costume, depending on the role they play. One of them is, I am using an allegory, that of the typical “chameleon”, it is usually the most abundant, because it makes the “hustle” its “modus vivendi”.

The other costume is that of a «messianic» comedian who, using his authority also becomes the inducer of many misadventures.

I think that, in order to make things that do not work well, work properly in an association change, it does not depend, with all due respect, only on the diverse opinion of its members, but there must be a direct implication of them to enter the at the heart of the facts and act to restore the entity’s own purposes and interests over the benefits incurred by any component, and, of course, before the ship goes down.

Faced with a dire scenario in which an institution can be found, its members should not remain distant and stunned, without getting involved, staying subject to the change of the changing time factor or waiting for the decision of a third party that comes to protect the interests of the organization and resolve the situation.

I believe that a true freemason master must assume the commitments made to his Order, while if he acts indifferently or naively he will be unable to attribute his responsibility to proceed from his deepest selfishness.

And in a context of clamor for the abuses that a leader could commit, it would be desirable that, for the general good of the community, he would descend from the pedestal of personal ambition, by his own will and not by obligation, and thus be able to recover the dignity and peace in the association. Honestly, how dangerous is drunkenness when you become a top person in charge of any institution, and you lose the sense of being a true Master, that is, one who is wiser and more just, greater intellectually and spiritually.

It is a reality that, in all areas of human society, and specifically in each Masonic Order, there are several currents that interfere, but together they should guarantee the unity and development of their activity; leaving aside the egolatry, personalism and the rivalry to focus on cooperation.

Let me remind the Bethren that, in a Masonic Institution, its structure is more than the sum of its members.

That is, the Masonic spirit of cooperation is the primary cement that commits us to keep together and facilitate each one to achieve their greatest achievements, for the benefit of the Order and always with the help of others; because such ends could not be achieved by acting individually by oneself. It is at this point that the nature of the competition should be beneficial, that is, that it be to make us better and give our full potential to the entity. Since, from the base, to be able to hold any association firmly and seamlessly, it is essential that there is an inexcusable respect for its statutes, principles, collaboration, trust and dialogue. And if this is not fulfilled, can unstable personalists positions be maintained for a longer time against the united structure of any institution?

At every moment of life we ​​are given the opportunity for renewal when such an association is altered, so that its intrinsic nature, essence and spiritual character prevails over time. That the G.A.D.U. enlighten us, at any lack we have.

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  1. Terence Hook    

    What a superb article Jose. As you know, I served you as your D.C. while you were G.M.Prov. for your first timei in the office, unfortunately because of my wife’s illness I was unable to serve during the time you took up the office again.
    The only way our G.M. was re elected for a third time was mainly due to the Britis vote which is deminishing each time we have to elect a G.M. of Spain.
    It is now time for all British Masons (who are tue to thier obligations and not after dark blue), to stand together with thier Spanish Brethren and demand that in Spain, we value true Masonry. This can only be atchied with dialogue and the G.M. to stand down in favour of another. Our major problem is that we have had many good Masons resign from our order but still believe we have many more who could fill the office of G.M. and guide us back to a Grand Lodge of which we can be proud to belong too.
    Once again Jose, what a good article and I’m so sorry you have resigned from our order in Spain as I know you are a good Mason.
    Yours S & F,

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