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C.I. Covadonga: Medals, money, more medals & more money


Brethren of the Balearic Islands have sent us a decree (10/2019) recently issued by the PGM of the Balearic Islands, M. R..

In this decree, the Brethren are requested to contribute financially to meet the costs arising from the rental and commissioning of the new premises for the province. In theory, the maintenance costs of the new premises will come exclusively from the five lodges in operation on the island of Mallorca who will use the temple on a daily basis.

The aforementioned Decree would not have much importance if it were not for the “prize” that is guaranteed to be awarded to the Brethren who participate in donating to the expense of the temple. Depending on the amount donated, the ranking will work as follows: if a minimum of € 1,500 is contributed, a medal with a red ribbon band is awarded; if the donation is € 1,000, the ribbon band will be blue, and, for donations of € 500, the ribbon band will be white.

The medal awards ceremony will be held at an act of consecration of the premises, probably with the presence of GM there to bring the Brethren luck.

In this act the Brethren will be able to clearly differentiate who has given and how much thus raising their spirits and making their hearts proud.

It is better to laugh so as not to cry. The large downward slide in which the GLE is immersed at the hand of its GM, has imitators, «zafios» (uncultured persons), in the PGL of the Balearic Islands. It is not the first time that M. R. and the gang of 4 or 5 that always blindly follow his lead, and with whom he cyclically distributes the running and high offices of the Province, has surprised the Brethren of the Province with such acts and decrees according to the Brethren who have forwarded us this decree.

The decree in question breaks with one of the most intimate and «sacrosant» ideals of Masonry: equality between the Brethren.

Tradition makes us wear white gloves in lodge so that those who perform a manual trade cannot be distinguished by their hands. However, M. R. and his group of «disciples» have thought that it is a good idea to differentiate between the freemasons of the Province of Baleares in the eyes of all the Brethren of the Grand Lodge of Spain by the colour of their medals, encouraging egos and the gleam of metals.

It is perfectly legitimate that the 5 lodges in Mallorca have a decent place to celebrate their ceremonies. However, this does not grant a «carte blanche» to the PGM to make decrees that are «majaderías» (foolish, indiscreet) of this level. M. R., J. A  H., A. S. y A. T, were and are avid collectors of aprons and titles. They are fully pledge fans of our present GM. They believe that everyone moves in Masonry like they do, inspired by the shine of metal, aprons and medals. Those same metals that they claim to despise when they play at being masons.

This latest Decree is a shining example of what Masonry should not be. It highlights and makes sure that those who contribute the required money will be immortalized in a panel at the entrance of the lodge. How far we are from that humility that we preach so much in lodge. How far from the expression “that your left hand does not know what your right hand does” and the idea to be discreet and equal as Freemasons.

Metals and more metals.

Freemasonry turned into a circus of clowns, empty phrases and fools who let themselves be bought so they shine as brightly as the «majaderos» (Dumb and foolish) that lead them. The PGL of the Balearic Islands has long since joined the debacle of Freemasonry in Spain. By this decree, it is confirmed that the leadership of the Province of Baleares has reached the lowest of the low.

Majadero: who is dumb, foolish or does or says inconvenient things.

Majadería: said or made foolish, untimely or annoying for being indiscreet or meaningless.

Zafio: that is uncultured and has no finesse.

Fraternal greetings,

The invisible College.

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  1. Terence Hook    

    Although I’m British by birth I am ashamed to call myself a member of the Spanish Constitution over the past few years. The main problem being the with the English Brethren who vote to keep our GM in his office.
    I’m appalled at the latest information that the Grand Treasure has been removed from his office, that office is to keep control over the expenditure and income of the Grand Lodge and in particular to keep the GM in check
    Over my years in Freemasonry I have been a member of four constitutions and have never seen the amount of abuse as in Spain regarding the fundermental principles Freemasonry.
    As far as I’m concerned, I stand firmly with my Spanish Brethren to which is the future of Spanish Masonry
    Yours s & f,

    1. Garibaldi    

      Thanks for your support

  2. Sr Andrew    

    You cannot remain eternally in IGNORANCE.

    I will be able to give an example for the MANDILER IGNORANTS so that they can understand it better.


    When a mobile phone does not work well, you are recommended to RESTART it.
    To restart you have to get out of IGNORANCE and apply knowledge and INTELLIGENCE.
    obviously a mandrel has no intelligence is a symbolic decorative garment.

    The worst comes when it is not enough to RESET and you have to RESET.

    The United Grand Lodge of England will make an important decision very soon.

  3. Robert.C.F.    

    This is the obvious example of a spiritless GLE and Soul of fraternity.

    The GM and his sick obsession !! It causes the consequences to be reflected in the GLE.
    The consequence of the destruction of the Masonic spirit.
    The GLE does not have the rank or the values ​​to continue in the «Regularity» these behaviors are typical of ignorance and more than the mediocrity and degradation lower than a Mason can fall.

    Unfortunate GLE turned into «Inequality, anti-Fraternal and rewards the metals that an initiate strips … how sad it is to see how one acts … where is the Mason? And his oaths?

    What they do not realize that a mandilon is only a garment with a sense but who wears it and when he goes to his house is a simple human lacking because he can not put the apron, and in his house the woman commands, so which is of no use more than being complacent but to sleep in a shelter.

    How sad to see the mediocrity that has been installed in the GLE.

    I hope that the United Grand Lodge of England will make a decision shortly.

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